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WING: 4MM MDF, Wing thickness 42mm, 110 GR MELAMINE COATING
Serens:45mm x 35mm under wing double boom 9cm
Inner filling material: Kraft honeycomb (Kadoma brand) lock and hinge places support wedges are available.
Case: It is a 36mm MDF case consisting of 2 pieces of 18mm MDF laminated and combined.
Moulding: 8mm x 8cm (dimensions can be changed) MDF molding net lug is 4cm.

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Melamine Doors

Melamine is a heat-fused, resin-saturated paper surface glued to a chipboard or MDF core and is the most widely used product for doors. Melamine doors are decorative papers made of moisture-resistant MDF or Particle panel, a wide range of colors and patterns, as well as various surface finishing options such as matte, texture and gloss. Tree patterns are widely used in melamine doors and are a harmless type of door. Melamine interior doors are among the most preferred interior door models in recent years. Therefore, Turkey’s best door manufacturer company for melamine doors can contact with Evkap.

They are generally wood-patterned, healthy, and useful doors. The surfaces of melamine doors are covered with post-impregnated melamine paper or micro laminate. As a powerful complement to the halls, kitchens and rooms, there are many types and models of doors for people to choose the most suitable and stylish ones.

Recently, the choice of melamine doors has increased considerably, especially in interior room models. Therefore, Turkey’s best door manufacturer company for melamine doors can contact Evkap. Today White melamine doors are the most fashionable ones. You can see the color options on our websites.

What are Melamine Doors and Their Advantages?

Melamine is an industrial substance and is used in different sectors. For example, melamine is used in kitchen cabinet construction and container construction. Even some foods are added to melamine, but this situation is not very much approved. If we go back to the topic of melamine door models, we can explain the melamine door as follows;

It is a type of door with a lot of labor on it. The melamine door look is inspired by nature. Melamine door models emerge after the patterns of the trees in nature are processed on the doors. This process is very costly and demanding.

Therefore, melamine door manufacturing is a little difficult. However, there is a door reflecting its natural and natural appearance. That’s why melamine door manufacturers get the money they pay for.

Evkap is the best door manufacturer in Turkey. And in the door manufacturing sector, we are the leader in Turkey. If you want to get detailed information about melamine door models and prices, just contact us.

Now let’s tell you a little bit about how to make melamine doors.


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