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American panel door surface 3.2mm
Serens 45mm * 35mm thickness
dried fir and double booms are used under the door
42mm wood-filled panel chassis
8mm x 7cm moldings, polyurethane paint are used.

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Builder Choice Series

The Builder Choice Series is the most common door preferred in our country. The Builder Choice doors are a mass production output that has benefits about standardization, price, and quality. Although there are not a variety of models and designs, the most preferred door is the Builder Choice doors. Why is that? Mostly because of fair price, quick supply, and easy installation.

Fabricated and mass production, these doors are also manufactured as lacquered. Although normal handles are used, knob handles which we call hotel locks are also frequently used in these doors.As Evkap Company, we are experienced in Builder Choice Series manufacturing and we can assure you of the best quality. Please contact us for more information about Builder Choice Series doors.

What is an Builder Choice Door?

The Builder Choice door is the most common and well known interior door type in our country. The reason is that they are cheap, easy to produce, and most important they are very well fit for today’s modern houses.

Their style, aesthetics, and standings are the main reasons that they are preferred by home designers. The production technic of the Builder Choice Series is a distinctive feature of it. A wooden frame is covered with panels on both sides in the production process it.

The covering should start with applying strong wood glue and finish with the high-temperature press. The panels are the distinctive feature of the Builder Choice door. They are mostly made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or HDF (a special type of MDF). Inside the panels, space is filled with a special type of honeycombed winding of paper.

This style makes the door, strong against power but also very light which gives the result of maximum resistance with minimum material. So these doors can be carried and installed easily.

What are the Builder Choice Series Doors Features?

 There are so many advantages and features of Builder Choice Series. The most distinctive features of the Builder Choice Series are Durability: As we mentioned before, The Builder Choice Series doors are light in weight but resistant in strength. The high-temperature press makes the door so strong when compared to the other types of interior doors. Lightness: The Builder Choice Series seems like a box with wooden frames covered with panels. And this box is filled with honeycombed style papers, that make the door so light and enough resistance. So the door is so easy to carry and install. Insulation: The design of the Builder Choice Series makes it both heat and noise insulated. It is proved that the heat and noise insulation of the door is so good.

That makes the door useful in schools, cold places, and wherever noise insulation is needed. Ability to move both sides: Builder Choice Series doors can be moved to both inside and outside if it is wished. You should notice your wishes to our personnel before you order. Moisture: With the special panels, the Builder Choice Series doors are water-resistant. So, you can use these doors in places like bathrooms, toilets.

The doors are hardly affected by moisture. (Of course, good quality material is important for this feature.) Cleaning: The structure of the material is dust-resistant and the door can be cleaned so easily. You can make the cleaning easy with soap and water. These are the most important features of Builder Choice Series doors. Some of these features are also advantages to them. Some other advantages are: Builder Choice Series doors are light doors. It is produced with and without glass.

These doors are the most intense in our country manufacture and store sales and doors that we can find in all door stores. Hinge parts, lock parts, handle parts are produced as standard and are made with familiar application and assembly. Also known as Builder Choice Series panel and glassless door. They are generally white and lacquered doors.

The Builder Choice Series surface is MDF coated and standard fabricated. As we wrote in our other article, MDF, which is generally used in the panels of doors, is used in Builder Choice Series doors. One of the Builder Choice features is that it is an affordable price. Easy to clean, does not moisturize. It does not deform quickly because it is lacquered and MDF sheets are present. Compared to press doors and veneer doors, the Builder Choice Series is lightweight and easy to carry. The polishes of these doors are made either manually or fabricated.

Where the Builder Choice Series Doors are Used?

 Builder Choice Series doors are one of the interior doors. Although there are some types and some other styles that is manufactured for outside use, Builder Choice Series doors are suitable for inside of the houses. They can be used at living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and closets, meaning they are suitable for every part of the interior of the houses. The style of the doors may vary according to where it is used.

A glass tiled model can be preferred for the living rooms or for the TV rooms, but non-glassed types should be preferred for bedrooms, bathrooms, and toilets. The type for the living room may be one or two-sided according to the height and width of the place for the door. Two-sided and fancy looking doors may suitable for a luxurious dining room. A door that can move to both ways can be preferred for the kitchens. It will be easy to open the door when your hands are busy with carrying plates and other stuff Builder Choice Series doors are lacquered, lightweight and mass production compared to other doors.

Builder Choice Series press is mostly MDF. As they are mass productions, the Builder Choice Series doors are mostly preferred at the collective or mass housing projects. The construction companies prefer standard models for all the apartments, so it is easy and cheap to use the same type of door at big construction projects. By using standard doors, the maintenance and repair of them are also easy.

The management of the buildings can have the same spare parts and can fix or replace them simply. Other places that suitable for these doors are collective living places like hotels and dormitories. The Builder Choice Series can be easily installed and used in these types of places. They have the same benefits as mass houses have. Builder Choice Series installation is easy, quick, cheap and beneficial. These doors are wooden doors, lacquered and can be re-painted and polished with sandpaper meaning they can be easily reshaped. Evkap door company is a reliable Builder Choice Series manufacturer that can help you anytime for your needs. For more information please contact us.

What is Builder Choice Series prices?

Builder Choice Series prices are almost half of the prices of other special order doors. In mass housing and block-based housing, Builder Choice Series are the most preferred doors. It is usually produced in white and also available in brown and cream colors. The door is the element that increases the value of a house and interior. Door selections, therefore, vary according to tastes and price.

Builder Choice Series, also called wooden panel doors, have been used in our country for years and are always available in the same color, model and size. As for the types of usage areas, it is used as Builder Choice Series in apartments, bathroom WC and closed panel doors in bedrooms. It is used as a glass tiled in places like the kitchen and living room. General use model in offices and workplaces is also preferred as panel and without glass. The installation of Builder Choice Series is strong enough that you can use parts such as handles and locks for years. The reason to prefer these doors is that they are light and economical.


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